Android Studio Tip of the Day: Accessing SDKs

If you use Android Studio on a Mac, and you’ve installed a number of additional SDKs, such as the Google Play Services SDKs, you might wonder where they were actually installed as a file search doesn’t find them! So, for example, you may have installed the SDKs as shown in the Android SDK Manager here: […]

Cloud Powered Android Wear Apps

My Cloud Powered Android Wear Apps video can be seen here: Here’s the complete walkthrough as a pdf: Here’s the complete source code for the project: Please drop me a line and let me know what type of apps you’re building with Android Wear and the Cloud! I’d love to learn more!

Using Apple Swift with a Cloud Back End

Swift is a new programming language unveiled by Apple at WWDC 2014 on the 2nd June, 2014. In this post, I’ll show you how to create a simple Swift Application that accesses a Cloud service built on Google’s App Engine. Your app will give your user a random inspirational quote from Martin Luther King [Note, […]

Helix : Death by a thousand cuts

I really wanted to like Helix. It’s been a long time since there’s been good Sci Fi drama on TV. Given that this comes from the mind and pen of Ronald Moore, I’ve been waiting in anticipation of wonderful, mind-provoking science fiction on Friday nights. I guess I’ll have to wait longer. The Helix pilot […]

Introduction to App Engine

Here’s a video I shot about App Engine a couple of weeks back. I’m working on another, more detailed, version, but this gives you the gist of just how easy it is to build applications that run at cloud scale. Before joining Google I had done some Cloud development in Windows Azure using C#, and […]

A 3 minute guide to Free Cloud Printing

Printing via the cloud? It probably sounds very complex — but it isn’t, and in this three minute guide I’ll show you how to set up your home computer with printer to use Google Cloud Printing, and how easily you can print from a remote location. Simple, right? You can learn more about Google Cloud […]

Getting Started with App Engine and Python: Part 4

Retrieving Data In Part 3 you saw how to create a web page that provided an HTML form into which you could type data about a movie. This data was then stored in Datastore on App Engine. The next logical step is to see how you can retrieve that data, so if you’ve typed in […]

Getting Started with App Engine and Python: Part 3

Creating Data. As discussed in earlier chapters, the common scenario for web or cloud applications is called CRUD for Create Retrieve Update and Delete, demonstrating the four main things that you can do with your data in such an application. In Part 2 you saw how to build an HTML form, and saw how you […]

Getting Started with App Engine and Python: Part 2

Python Projects and handling POST. In Part 1 you saw how to download and install Python and the App Engine SDK to your computer. You created your first Python project, and saw how a basic web application works in python by creating a handler for the default URL, and writing that handler to respond to […]

Getting Started with App Engine and Python: Part 1

Building your first Cloud App with Python and App Engine. In this tutorial you’ll do the basic getting started task — making sure that your development system is ready for App Engine by downloading, installing and testing the PHP SDK for App Engine. Building your first cloud app Now that the background is out of […]